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美食佳饮 购物
开发 Luis Otavio Borba Tavares

OPA4 will reduce considerably the amount of food wasted in groceries by changing consumer behavior. As a premise, what we consider as waste is the amount of food that could be consumed by a human being, which is thrown away either by cosmetic standards or by getting close/reach the expiration date. Taking these two reasons into consideration, which must be solved, we find the core of the problem, the consumer behavior.
We classify the products that have high probability to be thrown away, calling them “OPAs”. These products are directed to an accessible location in the grocery, where the consumers can easily locate them. These “OPAs” are composed of points, directly linked with its expiration date. This means that, products closer to the expiration date generate a higher amount of points to be rewarded to the consumer. These points are exchangeable to discount in next purchase or for donation to support NGOs that combat starvation. The grocery store will be able to control and define the products that are going to expire(process implementation) and generate efficient data for predictability of demand(big data).
The service offers a Mobile Application for grocery clients (follow up - points accumulated and exchangeable), Cloud Computing to give grocery managers feedback, and Social Network Gamification to create interactivity and promote groceries sustainable approach.